Narrowing Our List

When we want to hire good people like what they have in BuildQual, it is expected for us to do some research. We need not rely on other people but it is time that we also do the work of a researcher to find us some good home inspectors.


When we have hired some agents to look after our property, we can ask them if they know someone who can do a good home inspection for us. Because they have been working with a lot of properties, they might know someone who can find a home inspector for our properties. We also have our friends and our families that can give us a recommendation in case they had experienced hiring a home inspector before.


With their recommendations and suggestions, we would be able to make a list of home inspector and we could then categorize them so we would see who would fit our standards and choice of home inspection. We would be seeing who would be a good candidate. Then we could narrow down the candidates and would be able to choose a good home inspector. A good home inspector would help us to make sure that our property will be taken care of very well. 

Written by Shoshana in misc on Thu 25 May 2017.